Welcome at the website of TETOROS BROS S.A.

Nowadays, the disruption of the environment is a reality. Therefore, we all have to take the appropriate initiatives and actions aiming at its restoration and harmony.

Tetoros Bros S.A., a veterinary and pharmaceutical company, has accepted and worked into this position consistently. We offer products with high accuracy and efficacy. Our production process complies with all regulations and specifications for friendly environmental usage and acceptance.

In our view, is to respect each animal individually, taking into account and assuring its health, its good physical condition and therefore its productivity. Our goal is to achieve ideal conditions for the animal’s growth without disturbing its organic identity.

In acceptance that the disruption of the environmental balance, and that this environment consists of the “habitus” for animal growth and development, it is our great effort that our products comply with all the specific regulations and specifications for securing environment.

We feel each and every farmer as our ideal collaborator and we take great interest to assure exquisite conditions of growing its animals and their productivity. This combined efforts lead to gain his accomplishment of social responsibility.

We determine our respect towards human, because we are all in need to ensure nutrition of high biological value, friendly to the environment. Therefore we enjoy quality of life when the ecological chain is functioning in concordance with nature.

Tetoros Bros S.A. and its employees believe and take action towards a modern and rational option for a better quality of life.

Today, a new "Ark of Noah's" will rehabilitate the already disturbed balances, respecting the biological identity and the authentic nature of animals and plants, when we create a new reality based on modern and open –minded perceptions.


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